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We will hire your family member
to be your home care aid.

Veterans Home Care Services


  • To qualify, veterns should have served at least one day in wartime.
  • You should be age 65+.
  • You should have a medical need for assistance.
  • You should have an income of less than $35,000 per year and less than $80,000 in cash
  • Veteran Provider Service delivers this service in home, apartments, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, etc.


This is not Medicaid. Yon do not have to be struggling financially to qualify for the Veterans' Aide Independence Program.

Both veterans and the spouses of veterans qualify. Spouses qualify even if the veteran is deceased. Spouses qualify even if they were not married durinq active duty.

If you are already using Medicaid for home care services you can still use veterans' benefits to getmore hours and more services.

We start service immediately, even though approval of benefits can take nine months or more. We help you submit your application.

We will hire your family member to be your home care aid

Veteran Provider Service provides services in Texas.


If you or your spouse meet these qualifications it’s not a matter of if you qualify. It’s a matter of when. Let us help you start the process. Veteran Provider Service will start your in-home aide services right away. We do this knowing that it may take months or more than a year for your application to process.

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